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We’re proud of our hand-crafted urban cycles — and of the riders who love them as much as we do. We’d like to grow our family and see even more GOrillas roaming the urban jungle. And that’s where you can help! As a LOCAL, you give people interested in a GOrilla bicycle the chance to experience it locally - with you.

You'll meet people who’d like to see a real GOrilla in its natural habitat. Maybe even let them go for a quick ride around the block?

...and earn rewards!

As a small thank you for showing your GOrilla, and most importantly for sharing your honest opinion, you’ll collect Free Mechanic Minutes (a service voucher worth CHF 23.-/meeting). These can be redeemed in any GOrilla shop.

How to become a GOrilla LOCAL

Create your LOCAL Experify profile

Accept or reject incoming requests

Show your bike and earn Free Mechanic Minutes


What does it mean to be a 'GOrilla LOCAL'?

As a LOCAL, you agree to show your GOrilla bicycle and share your experience with people interested in learning more about the GOrilla products. You are not a salesperson, and do not have to be positive if you feel it is not justified. As a thank you for your time, you’ll receive Free Mechanic Minutes for use at any GOrilla store.

Note: The LOCAL program is currently limited until the end of December 2019.

So I'm a brand ambassador / influencer?

No, you’re not. Ambassadors and influencers are paid to advertise brands and products, and promote sales. As a LOCAL, you give people the possibility to experience GOrilla bicycles in their natural habitat, and let people ask an owner their thoughts about GOrilla products and services. We believe in this model because we are proud of our bikes, and believe that authenticity beats “ambassadors”.

How often do I need to show people my bike? What do I commit to?

There is no requirement to show anyone your bike, if you decide you don’t want to. Every time someone would like to meet a LOCAL, you’ll receive a notification via email. You decide whether to accept or reject the request. Of course, the more people you meet, the greater the number of Free Mechanic Minutes that you’ll accrue. Furthermore, you can contact us anytime to deactivate your profile.

I’m concerned about sharing contact information with other people…

No contact information will be shared with other people without your consent. Once you accept a request, for example, you will receive the request through our messaging system that guarantees privacy. You can of course always choose to share you personal data yourself, be it for communication reasons (like SMS or calling) or for meeting someone face-to-face.

If I let someone quickly try my bike and then it gets damaged: what then?

A GOrilla bike is meant to be ridden. But as a LOCAL, you decide whether you want to let someone have a quick test ride on your bike or not. It’s not mandatory!

If you would like to provide that part of the experience, we recommend a combination of “trust and verify”: ask for ID before letting them take a quick spin and hand it back out when the bicycle is returned. People connected to you via Experify have already confirmed that they have insurance to cover any damages (Privathaftpflichtversicherung) and accept liability for any damages. Please contact for more information.

Do I need to speak and interact in English to become a GOrilla LOCAL?

Not at all. German is just fine as well :-).

What is Experify?

Experify is changing the way people experience products, pre-purchase. Based in Zurich, Experify helps people interested in products have authentic interactions with owners and brands. Collaborators are brands that are proud of their products and are not afraid of letting their customers speak on their behalf.

The GOrilla x Experify collaboration is a pilot project running until the end of December 2019.